HOSA National Leadership Conference

Today was my day off, so I woke up bright and early this morning to judge a leadership competition through VoluntEARS. And by judge I mean hand the judges their score sheets and take them from them. Which is ok, because it was still interesting. I don’t remember what HOSA stands for (I’ll look that up), but in my room that I judged, it was about ‘opening Pandora’s box’ and educating people on mental illnesses – something very interesting to me. These were all high school leaders who had traveled from all over the country to compete in this competition. Some skits/presentations I saw were soooo good! I was really impressed. And then some others ones, not so much. Each group had either 2-6 members, and their presentations could only be 4 minutes long. The point of their presentation was to persuade the judges to want to see their entire presentation later on, in round 2. This competition is 3 days long and there are a lot of different rounds that they can either get to or not, but I believe they all got magic bands, meaning they could go to the parks if they were done competing. I’m glad I went, and I got a nifty umbrella for free!

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