Today is my last day of training at EU, which means my last 9 hour shift…PRAISE THE LORD!! I start 6 hour shifts after this…which means I’m not working my promised 40 hour weeks, but whatever. You know what makes me mad? They told us we’re placed where we’re ‘best suited’ and where we’ll be ‘strongest’…uh hello, I’ve never worked in food and I’m a speech major…how can fast food be where I’m ‘strongest’? Something isn’t adding up 😡

5 thoughts on “LAST DAY OF TRAINING

  1. Hi Kati! It was great to see you at the EU on Saturday! I became awesome Dad because the kids thought it was cool that we came all the way to Disney and I knew someone! Hope we did not pull you away for too long. I know that it can be frustrating but keep your head up. Every interaction you have can be a benefit. I wasn’t supposed to be doing any work while on vacation, but I did to a lot of observing of the students that were working in various locations. The thing that I did notice is that the place does not run without everyone communicating, leading when needed, and playing a role (sometimes literally) when necessary. It also takes hard-working, great people like you! There are some awesome things happening there and I think that it is beyond awesome that you get to soak of some of that and bring it back to McK! I look forward to talking to you when you get back!

    • Hi Craig! I was SO happy to see your family! Thank you for coming to see me, I really appreciated seeing a familiar face! Can’t wait to talk to you either! I hope you had a great vacation, and your children are the sweetest! 🙂

  2. LOVE it! This is an opportunity to really discover how much you LOVE all the other facets of who you are obviously! Olivia and I were talking about you at the FYI last week and therefore, all the students in the FYI session that I led learned all about you and what you’re doing. it certainly sounds much cooler than it probably is, but to be honest it seems like to all of us that you are living in a dream world. We have a package we’re getting ready to send you too… excited! Love and Miss you Kati!

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