Blisters. Everywhere.

I have blisters on every part of my feet imaginable. Owww.

Yesterday was one of my days off. I have Wednesdays and Thursdays off because I have class those days…and I hope it stays that way. Except for the fact that it really throws me for a loop when I’m trying to figure out the date. However, yesterday I had my creativity and innovation class and the day before that I had leadership. Now in leadership, we basically just went over the syllabus, played get to know you games, all that fun stuff. In the upcoming weeks, we get to go and explore Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom from a Disney leaders standpoint, so that should be pretty interesting! Yesterday in my C&I class, we learned about what innovation was and ideas and how to form them. I really like an assignment that we’re doing throughout the semester. It’s a thought/idea journal, and whenever you have an idea or thought you’d like to remember, you jot it down in there. It’s pretty cool’ mine has like my favorite quotes, tv shows, my dream job, Disney incorporating a special needs program into one of their many curriculums, etc.
Yesterday we also had a cast party called “Off to Neverland” for new CPs. You could get your picture taken with Peter Pan characters, eat, dance, take pictures in a photo booth… Pretty fun! And I always love free food!
I also volunteered for a VoluntEARS event, which is Disneys volunteering program. The event I’m scheduled to work is a leadership conference…. Right up my alley! 🙂
I had to go to work today and be trained on register. The girl I’m training with got sick, and my roommate is also like deathly ill, not to mention that my trainer was also sick.
I’m bound to get something, I can guarantee it. I am not good on the cash register. I’m not good with handling money and I get really nervous when people are waiting on me. We have to do a ‘disney count’, so that means we count from their total, up to the amount of cash they gave us. Shouldn’t be that difficult but when you’re put on the spot, ahhhh!
Now I’m done with work, really tired, and really craving a cream cheese pretzel 🙂 (that ones for you, Sarah!)



2 thoughts on “Blisters. Everywhere.

  1. I love that you are doing volunteer work while you are there. Is this the leadership conference that you all attended this year?

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