Electric Umbrella


Recently, I’ve started training at the Electric Umbrella. I am in the front of the house, which means I’m one of the people you see when you walk in. The front of house is my favorite are to be. Even if I’m cleaning tables, I still get to talk to people which is my favorite. My major is basically talking, after all. Today I was a greeter and I really enjoyed being there. A very simple task, but people ask lots of questions and I have to be quick to direct them to where they need to be. Today, one of my leaders told me that I smiled a lot, which I take as a compliment because who wants to look miserable in disney world?
The past few days, I’ll be honest, have been very trying. I was sad about my job, and all the things I was missing or that I have up in Illinois. I was crying a lot, and whining to a lot of people who probably were like, “why is she complaining, she works at Disney?!” It’s getting better, the more people I meet and the more into routine I get. Plus, the paychecks pretty much make it worth it 😉 it’s all about networking, and that’s what I’m here to do!


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