Discovery Day – training, day 3ish

Hello everyone!

Today was Discovery Day at the park of my work place, which is basically training day 3. My park is Epcot, so that’s where I was all day. I started work at 7:30 AM and then didn’t get done until 5 PM. Now, I know this is a normal work day for most people, but I’ve never had a job with long hours like that, so this is all new to me! So basically what I did today was take a tour of the park. We walked around all of Futureworld, and learned about the history of Epcot and whatnot, and then a ferry ride to cover World Showcase. I am in Futureworld, but I would love to be in World Showcase, as that’s definitely my favorite part of Epcot! After that, we were trained in our specific area, so I had to take a bunch of online classes, where I stared at the computer screen for a LONG time! I now know about handling alcohol, and using the mantra (the thing Cashiers use to take orders), and all that fun stuff! I also got my costume today, which is pretty simple. Black pants, and a red striped shirt, apron and hat. I’m excited to be able to take shifts in different locations so I can change my costume out too. Tomorrow is my first day actually in the Electric Umbrella, so we’ll see how it goes!


One thought on “Discovery Day – training, day 3ish

  1. so excited for you to show that umbrella a thing or two! please post some pictures of what you’re doing! we miss you already and can’t wait to hear about all you are learning!

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