Traditions, class and training!

I still have no internet! But there’s an app, so that’s good ๐Ÿ™‚
Alright, so yesterday was the first day of actual “training”. We went to a class called Traditions, were they basically just go Walt’s vision for Disney World/Disneyland. We also got our nametags, which was probably the best part! It was way long and then straight after that, I had to run to class, which I was like 30 minutes late for because the buses have to stop a bunch. That class was “Creativity and Innovation” – my leadership class starts next week. In that class, we went over the definition of creativity and innovation, of course, but also went through did exercises on things such as flexibility, ?, ?, and ?. We also split ourselves into little groups called “salons”…my group is the performing arts group and they’re all in theater, and I’m the only dancer ๐Ÿ™‚ we have a lot of fun projects that we’re doing, like our first project is interviewing an imaginary person but in the most creative way possible, so I’m doing Lady Gaga (duh!) and doing a Barbie doll wrapped in a meat dress…so that’ll be cool. Today, (Thursday) I had more training, and it was the longest day of my life. I was in the Magic Kingdom last night until 3 AM, and had to be on the bus at 6 this morning, so I woke up at 5, and today has been torture, purely because I’m just so tired. My roommates are at the parks, and I’m pretty sure I’m just going back to my apartment to sleep all night long. I wish I could say more about stuff, but it’s pretty confidential! I have training in Epcot tomorrow, so I’ll probably get my costume then, yay! I’m really just excited to start working. I’m in the front of the restaurant, so everyone gets to see me when they walk in! Pretty cool stuff. They also have lots of auditions, so maybe I’ll get a role as a dancer, which would make my life, but we shall see!


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