This was my first post…but it never posted! My internet is so horrible!!!!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve never done a blog before, so this is some pretty exciting stuff for me! If you don’t know me, my name is Kati Melton. I am a senior at McKendree University, as a Speech Communications/Pubic Relations major and a Leadership minor. I’m in the Emerging Leaders program, FYI peer leaders, Student Ambassadors, the PomCats dance team, Lambda Pi Eta honor society, and a bunch of other fun stuff….HOWEVER, I’ve taken a break from all that because this summer/fall semester I’m working at Disney World! Yay! I’m in the Disney College Program as a Quick Service Food/Beverage cast member (that’s what us workers are, cast members). I arrived today (June 9, 2014), and it has been a long day so far, full of happiness, excitement, tears, you name it. My morning started at 7 AM, when I got up to get my day started. My dad drove me to Vista Way, which is one of the four apartment complexes CP’s (college programmers) can live in, but it also serves as the check-in area for new arrivals. My check-in time was between 8 and 9, so I got there at 8:15ish. I was supposed to meet my roommates there, but they didn’t get there until like 8:50. So I waited for them for a while and met some new people who were also waiting for their roommates. Once my roommates arrived, we got in line and checked in, received where we were working, and our housing keys. I am working at Epcot, in Futureworld, at a restaurant called the Electric Umbrella. I’m just happy to be in one of the parks! I’m also taking two classes while I’m down here, one called “Creativity and Innovation” and the other called “Exploring Leadership”. I went through that today, and brought all my belonging into my apartment, which, 7 hours later, are still scattered everywhere, not put away. After that, I went to a Casting. I’m officially a cast member of Walt Disney World! Woohoo! Now I’m sitting on my new couch while all of my 5 (yes – 5!!!) roommates are asleep and wondering why I’m not doing something similar. My parents left me today and that was really hard. I’m going to miss them a lot; I have never been more than like 10 minutes from them. And my friends, and my boyfriend L I’m also really nervous about losing some of my dance technique, and getting lost on the bus system. Not only that, but Florida is really hot! Tomorrow I have housing, then a day off, Traditions on Thursday as well as my first class, and then training starts on Friday. A busy week. My roommates are lucky because they have this weekend off. I’m sure this will get easier with time, but at this very second, I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is such a great opportunity for me, and I’m so thankful for this experience. Just ready to get it started!


This is my apartment building, Chatham!


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