If I could give anyone advice when picking roommates, it’s that as soon as you figure out who your roommates are, ask them everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about their habits. I’m a very hygienic person, and when people don’t bathe, brush their teeth, wash their clothes, etc…I get very disgusted, especially if we’re in the same room. Like please please please pick up your stuff off the bathroom counter and the floor of our room, because it gets to a point it’s just disrespectful. Also, make sure you get to know their personality as well, because they could seem really nice and then they turn out to be someone different. Clearly, it’s been an interesting night in Chatham apartment 26201.

HOSA National Leadership Conference

Today was my day off, so I woke up bright and early this morning to judge a leadership competition through VoluntEARS. And by judge I mean hand the judges their score sheets and take them from them. Which is ok, because it was still interesting. I don’t remember what HOSA stands for (I’ll look that up), but in my room that I judged, it was about ‘opening Pandora’s box’ and educating people on mental illnesses – something very interesting to me. These were all high school leaders who had traveled from all over the country to compete in this competition. Some skits/presentations I saw were soooo good! I was really impressed. And then some others ones, not so much. Each group had either 2-6 members, and their presentations could only be 4 minutes long. The point of their presentation was to persuade the judges to want to see their entire presentation later on, in round 2. This competition is 3 days long and there are a lot of different rounds that they can either get to or not, but I believe they all got magic bands, meaning they could go to the parks if they were done competing. I’m glad I went, and I got a nifty umbrella for free!

Well I earned my ears

I am no longer a trainee at the EU. I passed my assessments and am now able I work front of house all alone. yesterday, I washed dishes for 4 hours and then was put on the drink station, only to be told I have no soul because It was turned off after we closed…sigh… Trying to make the best of it, but right now, I just go to work, do what I’m told, and leave, just to do it all over again the next day. Making money is nice and all, but I think I’m ready to come home.


Today is my last day of training at EU, which means my last 9 hour shift…PRAISE THE LORD!! I start 6 hour shifts after this…which means I’m not working my promised 40 hour weeks, but whatever. You know what makes me mad? They told us we’re placed where we’re ‘best suited’ and where we’ll be ‘strongest’…uh hello, I’ve never worked in food and I’m a speech major…how can fast food be where I’m ‘strongest’? Something isn’t adding up 😡

Blisters. Everywhere.

I have blisters on every part of my feet imaginable. Owww.

Yesterday was one of my days off. I have Wednesdays and Thursdays off because I have class those days…and I hope it stays that way. Except for the fact that it really throws me for a loop when I’m trying to figure out the date. However, yesterday I had my creativity and innovation class and the day before that I had leadership. Now in leadership, we basically just went over the syllabus, played get to know you games, all that fun stuff. In the upcoming weeks, we get to go and explore Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom from a Disney leaders standpoint, so that should be pretty interesting! Yesterday in my C&I class, we learned about what innovation was and ideas and how to form them. I really like an assignment that we’re doing throughout the semester. It’s a thought/idea journal, and whenever you have an idea or thought you’d like to remember, you jot it down in there. It’s pretty cool’ mine has like my favorite quotes, tv shows, my dream job, Disney incorporating a special needs program into one of their many curriculums, etc.
Yesterday we also had a cast party called “Off to Neverland” for new CPs. You could get your picture taken with Peter Pan characters, eat, dance, take pictures in a photo booth… Pretty fun! And I always love free food!
I also volunteered for a VoluntEARS event, which is Disneys volunteering program. The event I’m scheduled to work is a leadership conference…. Right up my alley! 🙂
I had to go to work today and be trained on register. The girl I’m training with got sick, and my roommate is also like deathly ill, not to mention that my trainer was also sick.
I’m bound to get something, I can guarantee it. I am not good on the cash register. I’m not good with handling money and I get really nervous when people are waiting on me. We have to do a ‘disney count’, so that means we count from their total, up to the amount of cash they gave us. Shouldn’t be that difficult but when you’re put on the spot, ahhhh!
Now I’m done with work, really tired, and really craving a cream cheese pretzel 🙂 (that ones for you, Sarah!)



Electric Umbrella


Recently, I’ve started training at the Electric Umbrella. I am in the front of the house, which means I’m one of the people you see when you walk in. The front of house is my favorite are to be. Even if I’m cleaning tables, I still get to talk to people which is my favorite. My major is basically talking, after all. Today I was a greeter and I really enjoyed being there. A very simple task, but people ask lots of questions and I have to be quick to direct them to where they need to be. Today, one of my leaders told me that I smiled a lot, which I take as a compliment because who wants to look miserable in disney world?
The past few days, I’ll be honest, have been very trying. I was sad about my job, and all the things I was missing or that I have up in Illinois. I was crying a lot, and whining to a lot of people who probably were like, “why is she complaining, she works at Disney?!” It’s getting better, the more people I meet and the more into routine I get. Plus, the paychecks pretty much make it worth it 😉 it’s all about networking, and that’s what I’m here to do!

Discovery Day – training, day 3ish

Hello everyone!

Today was Discovery Day at the park of my work place, which is basically training day 3. My park is Epcot, so that’s where I was all day. I started work at 7:30 AM and then didn’t get done until 5 PM. Now, I know this is a normal work day for most people, but I’ve never had a job with long hours like that, so this is all new to me! So basically what I did today was take a tour of the park. We walked around all of Futureworld, and learned about the history of Epcot and whatnot, and then a ferry ride to cover World Showcase. I am in Futureworld, but I would love to be in World Showcase, as that’s definitely my favorite part of Epcot! After that, we were trained in our specific area, so I had to take a bunch of online classes, where I stared at the computer screen for a LONG time! I now know about handling alcohol, and using the mantra (the thing Cashiers use to take orders), and all that fun stuff! I also got my costume today, which is pretty simple. Black pants, and a red striped shirt, apron and hat. I’m excited to be able to take shifts in different locations so I can change my costume out too. Tomorrow is my first day actually in the Electric Umbrella, so we’ll see how it goes!

This was my first post…but it never posted! My internet is so horrible!!!!

Hello, everyone!

I’ve never done a blog before, so this is some pretty exciting stuff for me! If you don’t know me, my name is Kati Melton. I am a senior at McKendree University, as a Speech Communications/Pubic Relations major and a Leadership minor. I’m in the Emerging Leaders program, FYI peer leaders, Student Ambassadors, the PomCats dance team, Lambda Pi Eta honor society, and a bunch of other fun stuff….HOWEVER, I’ve taken a break from all that because this summer/fall semester I’m working at Disney World! Yay! I’m in the Disney College Program as a Quick Service Food/Beverage cast member (that’s what us workers are, cast members). I arrived today (June 9, 2014), and it has been a long day so far, full of happiness, excitement, tears, you name it. My morning started at 7 AM, when I got up to get my day started. My dad drove me to Vista Way, which is one of the four apartment complexes CP’s (college programmers) can live in, but it also serves as the check-in area for new arrivals. My check-in time was between 8 and 9, so I got there at 8:15ish. I was supposed to meet my roommates there, but they didn’t get there until like 8:50. So I waited for them for a while and met some new people who were also waiting for their roommates. Once my roommates arrived, we got in line and checked in, received where we were working, and our housing keys. I am working at Epcot, in Futureworld, at a restaurant called the Electric Umbrella. I’m just happy to be in one of the parks! I’m also taking two classes while I’m down here, one called “Creativity and Innovation” and the other called “Exploring Leadership”. I went through that today, and brought all my belonging into my apartment, which, 7 hours later, are still scattered everywhere, not put away. After that, I went to a Casting. I’m officially a cast member of Walt Disney World! Woohoo! Now I’m sitting on my new couch while all of my 5 (yes – 5!!!) roommates are asleep and wondering why I’m not doing something similar. My parents left me today and that was really hard. I’m going to miss them a lot; I have never been more than like 10 minutes from them. And my friends, and my boyfriend L I’m also really nervous about losing some of my dance technique, and getting lost on the bus system. Not only that, but Florida is really hot! Tomorrow I have housing, then a day off, Traditions on Thursday as well as my first class, and then training starts on Friday. A busy week. My roommates are lucky because they have this weekend off. I’m sure this will get easier with time, but at this very second, I’m feeling overwhelmed. This is such a great opportunity for me, and I’m so thankful for this experience. Just ready to get it started!


This is my apartment building, Chatham!

Traditions, class and training!

I still have no internet! But there’s an app, so that’s good 🙂
Alright, so yesterday was the first day of actual “training”. We went to a class called Traditions, were they basically just go Walt’s vision for Disney World/Disneyland. We also got our nametags, which was probably the best part! It was way long and then straight after that, I had to run to class, which I was like 30 minutes late for because the buses have to stop a bunch. That class was “Creativity and Innovation” – my leadership class starts next week. In that class, we went over the definition of creativity and innovation, of course, but also went through did exercises on things such as flexibility, ?, ?, and ?. We also split ourselves into little groups called “salons”…my group is the performing arts group and they’re all in theater, and I’m the only dancer 🙂 we have a lot of fun projects that we’re doing, like our first project is interviewing an imaginary person but in the most creative way possible, so I’m doing Lady Gaga (duh!) and doing a Barbie doll wrapped in a meat dress…so that’ll be cool. Today, (Thursday) I had more training, and it was the longest day of my life. I was in the Magic Kingdom last night until 3 AM, and had to be on the bus at 6 this morning, so I woke up at 5, and today has been torture, purely because I’m just so tired. My roommates are at the parks, and I’m pretty sure I’m just going back to my apartment to sleep all night long. I wish I could say more about stuff, but it’s pretty confidential! I have training in Epcot tomorrow, so I’ll probably get my costume then, yay! I’m really just excited to start working. I’m in the front of the restaurant, so everyone gets to see me when they walk in! Pretty cool stuff. They also have lots of auditions, so maybe I’ll get a role as a dancer, which would make my life, but we shall see!